Thursday, February 23, 2012

Building the PV Mounts

I found the panels i wanted for a really good deal (more on this later) and located specs on the internet to gain dimensions for the panels so i knew how big my ground mount would need to be so that i could get started.  So i got to work digging and setting posts.
luckily my ground is nice and loamy and made for easy digging (all 14 holes).
  I soon had something that looked like this.  All posts in concrete, and i tied them together with 2x4's on either side.  I was very careful to get the angles and posts very straight and consistent, which wasnt terribly hard but did take some time and thought.  Tilt angle is about 38 degrees, our latitude.
I than installed the Iron Ridge racking system, which went on quite well.  I made sure the rails stayed parallel to one another for the length of the mounting system.

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