Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here is the 2.1Kw Solar Electric system I installed with basic tools and minimal electrical knowledge

Before deciding to take the plunge on designing and building your own solar photovoltaic (PV) system, it is best to try and reduce your electricity usage as much as you possibly can.  There are a number of ways to do this including insulating your house very well, putting electrical devices on power strips or timers, or simply (and most importantly) paying attention to what you are doing.  The following link will help you take hold of some of these things and ultimately, im sure, will help you lower your electricity usage.  You will see me reference this site a lot, basically because it is the best solar diy resource i have found on the internet today.

 This is a "kill a watt" meter, it allows you to see what an appliance is using electricity wise and gives projections for total cost for electricity usage for that appliance for hour/day/month/year.  You program in your kwh rate based off your electric bill.  This is well worth the 30 bucks it costs, especially if you are just getting into energy savings.

IT MAKES SENSE TO SAVE ELECTRICITY.  (and why might that be?)

Well, for some, it might be because they would feel good if they were able to do something environmentally conscious and reduce their impact on the natural world.  For others, and likely the majority, it makes sense economically.  WV is fueled primarily by coal, and yes, it does keep the lights on.  But the problem is, coal is non-renewable, meaning there simply is not enough supply for the demand we are putting on it. What this means to customers of the electric company...rising electricity costs.

Plain and simple, we only have so much coal and the prices obviously are continuing to rise.  The sun will rise and fall daily as it has for eons.  Why not harness some of its free and clean energy.

Here is a little more tell tale evidence that we can continue to expect electricity rate hikes as demand continues to increase and supply continues to decline.  As you can see, we have become somewhat greedy with coal, trying to get it while the getting was good.  Unfortunately, the getting isn't always going to be good.


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